Prayers To Families & Victims Of Texas Shooting

NOVEMBER 5, 2017


We are still learning details about yet another mass shooting. This one occurred inside and outside a church in Texas. As a father, it tears at my heart to hear about the 18 month old child who was killed. As a responsible gun owner, it infuriates me to see someone use a firearm to kill innocents, and I am very proud to see an armed civilian stepping in to respond and prevent the further loss of innocent life.


Predictably, many are calling for broader gun control laws and asking why mass shooting happen so much more frequently in the United States than elsewhere in the world. However, we’ve seen that evil or mentally ill individuals don’t need firearms to cause mass death. Just last week the streets of New York were terrorized by a man who didn’t have a firearm (he had non-lethal pellet guns) but was able to drive a car. The death toll in that heinous act was eight, but could have been much higher had the attacker not crashed the truck into a school bus and been unable to continue his rampage.


In Atlanta, we have seen Eric Rudolph kill in the name of hate using improvised explosives.


Those who call for an end to our Second Amendment right operate under a logical fallacy. In their mind, if we outlaw civilian gun ownership, ALL guns outside the hands of police and military personnel will be taken away. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. There’s no registry of guns in Georgia, nor should there ever be. No one could ensure that all legal gun owners surrendered their weapons, let alone that criminals would do so. Far more law-abiding citizens would comply with confiscation initiatives than criminals, and the result would be that armed criminals could operate with impunity knowing that whoever they choose to victimize will be helpless.


The media loves to sensationalize mass shootings. However, they spend very little time lauding law-abiding citizens who defend themselves and others with firearms.


All of us as American citizens and especially as Georgians living in this great state where we have fewer restrictions on our Second Amendment right than in many other parts of this country have a responsibility. It is not a legal responsibility, but it is a moral responsibility. Buy a firearm. Get training. Keep it ready. When the time comes to step up and protect your fellow citizens, stand and respond.


My heart is broken for those who lost loved ones in Texas. They will be in my prayers. But I am also very thankful on behalf of those who would have fallen next had that brave citizen not responded and wounded the attacker, causing him to flee.










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