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Zach Procter was born in Lexington, Kentucky to Dr. Charles Daniel Procter, Sr. and Elizabeth

Thomasson Procter shortly after Dan graduated from the Medical College of Georgia. The family had

moved to Kentucky for Dr. Procter’s surgical residency, and would move frequently throughout

Zach’s childhood as Dr. Procter served in the US Air Force to repay a loan to pay for medical school.

Starting a Family

Returning home to Georgia, Zach found an opportunity to make use of his knowledge and skills to serve the community as an Assistant Solicitor-General in Gwinnett County.


At the same time, Zach reunited with Ashley Burdette, a second-generation public school teacher from Gwinnett County whom he had met at the wedding of a mutual

friend several years earlier. Six months later, she said yes to his proposal of marriage. They married in 2010, welcoming a daughter, Kaelyn, in 2012, and another, Caroline, in 2016. The girls join the family rescue dog, Callie.


Zach built a reputation as a tough but fair prosecutor who was a staunch law-and-order proponent who was still willing to listen and discuss all sides of a case before proceeding to trial.


Though he thoroughly enjoyed serving in the office of the Solicitor-General, Zach made the hard decision to move into private practice in 2011 in order to better provide for his and Ashley’s growing family. In 2012 Zach founded his own solo law practice in Lawrenceville focusing on criminal defense.

Home In The USA

The Procter family moved often during Zach’s childhood, as military families usually do, which allowed Zach to experience much of the variety of America. The family lived in Kentucky, Texas, Florida, Minnesota, Ohio, and Louisiana before finally settling back in Georgia in 1992. The family made Gainesville, GA their home where Zach attended and graduated high school before attending Georgia Tech.


Early Interest IN Politics

In high school, and even more so in college, Zach grew to love participating in politics. He volunteered for campaigns ranging from local, to statewide, to Presidential races before graduating with degrees in History and International Affairs and moving to Washington, D.C. to work as a legislative aide to U.S. Congressman Max Burns. Throughout the 2002-2004 Congressional term, Zach served as the resident expert on Healthcare, the Second Amendment, Foreign Affairs, and Judiciary issues.


Time For Law School

When Congressman Burns’ was not re-elected, Zach decided to head to law school at Florida State University where he held leadership positions such as president of the Republican Law Student Association, member of the Student Government Elections Committee, and Interim Chief Justice of the Student Government Supreme Court.

District 102 Is Home

Zach and Ashley have lived in the 102nd District since 2009 and are proud to call this their home. Zach is eager to serve the community in the State House by working tirelessly to improve our schools, helping craft effective law enforcement legislation, protecting Georgia’s doctors and patients, and continuing the momentum Georgia has enjoyed in recent years becoming one of the most business-friendly states in America.


Zach’s interest in politics and his conservative values were instilled in him by his mother. In 2016, Beth Procter ended her fifteen year battle with breast cancer. When our current State Representative announced that he would vacate his seat to run for Secretary of State, Zach felt that putting his principles to work for the people of the 102nd district would be a perfect tribute to the memory of his mother.










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